The Brilliance of Resilience

2736467725 ccfa44c9ab The Brilliance of Resilience

Creative Commons Flickr photo: Sunlight by Jay Zhang photography

(This is part 1 of 5 in the series –  The ROCKStar Lifestyle is…)

Dear ROCKStar,

The brilliance of resilience,

is bright as can be.

life shakes & quakes, lashes & slashes, crashes & bashes you,

coping skills become less, diminsh, weaker,

resolve grows bleak, dark

Feet give way “Thump”! “Splatt!” ” Thud!” to the ground eating dirt of disappoint, blood of bad choices trickling down your eye…

“Hey babe, it’s not you but me, I don’t love you anymore”, your partner proclaims.


or maybe  “I’m sorry you’re not the right type of person we’re looking for”


The divorce. The accident. The situation. The layoff. The bankruptcy. The death. The fill-in-the-blank bad thing that happened. WHATEVER “the” is.

Life. beat. you. UP then beat you down. down. down. “Thud!” to the ground. ground. ground.

BUT ……… you, ROCKStar, in that moment say NO! NO! NO! victim drama wallowing, rolling in the arms of self-pity this time!  Never again!

Battered, bloodied, bruised you look UP, raise UP, stand UP,

hands outstretched UP toward the warmth & brilliance

of resilience. Feel it ROCKStar, life nourishing rays of resilience cover you like a warm blanket on a frosty day,

restoring, re-energizing, relaxing, rejuvenating, reinvigorating brain cells, muscles, tissues, sinews infused with new strength.

Thrive, ROCKStar, not just survive life’s UPs and downs it’s what bold,beautiful, brilliant resilience empowers you to do. Yes!

  To a life of ROCKStar success,                                                                             Raye